п. Ерік Джонатан Гендель

пастор-вчитель і місіонер
Pastor Eric Jonathan Handel prayed to trust Christ as his personal Savior at age 19 at a Christian college student fellowship in 1972 in Oneonta, NY, USA. He began actively sharing my faith and preaching the Gospel two weeks later. 50 Years later at age 69 he still loves sharing his faith  and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
He was first ordained as a pastor in 1985 by The Bible Speaks and then subsequently reordained by GGWO in 1987. Pastor Handel was a co-founder of the Greater Grace Church of Malta, New York, and a founding father of the Greater Grace Church of Broadalbin, New York.
He is a semi-retired life-long professional educator, teacher, and school administrator, having served in New York State public schools for 29 years,  and a total of 10 years in private Christian schools in the USA, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and Budapest Hungary.
He has a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education from SUC at Oneonta, a Masters Degree in Education from Sage College, and is a permanently certified New York State Nursery, Kindergarten-Grade 6 Teacher, & Spanish Language Teacher. He also has completed 40 college credit hours in Biblical Studies from Stevens School of the Bible.
He and his wife of 43 years have served as foreign missionaries and Christian teachers for 2 years in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and 6 years in Budapest Hungary.
Besides sharing Christ with the lost, his passion is teaching Bible college courses and teaching the unsearchable riches of Christ in churches and Bible colleges in the USA and overseas.
He presently resides in Baltimore, Maryland, USA with his wife and enjoys having both his adult daughter and son and their families living nearby.

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